Wednesday, March 7

Austin Dance Photographer | Darlene Takes Flight

I could write a short story on this shoot

how I thought it would be so cool to shoot during the Kite Festival
but we ended up in traffic more than we actually got to shoot...
or how every time Darlene did serious jumps we garnered a small crowd...
or how a random passer-byer asked "Are you shooting for Austin Ballet Company?"
because Darlene is JUST that good of a dancer.

These are her senior portraits and we are delighted to be a part of her and her incredible family's lives.

Congratulations Darlene on your admittance to Chapman University.
You are a beautiful soul and I hope the world one day can witness your amazing talent!!


Suzanne, Thank you for letting us be a part of your family's lives! 
What a blessing you are!!

PS: This is just a sneaky peeky. I can only imagine editing the remainder we'll find two dozen more to post! xo

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Hannah said...

Beautiful, beautiful work Carli -- these made me emotional, so lovely to see our city lit by a dancer!