Monday, March 5

Simran & Marcos | One Year Anniversary

You know what?

Our amazing couples define us,
inspire us.
Do you know what it's like to be constantly surrounded by love?
To know, being married for 4 years, that marriage is not an easy thing but 
the most challenging things in life, the highest climbs have the grandest views...

Simran and Marcos are from two cultures, two cities and against all odds became one.
I am so thankful to have your story to tell, to inspire,
to have your words, 
this enduring love to remind me of the incredible gift of a soulmate.

Thank you Simran and Marcos for letting us be a part of your lives.
For sharing your story with us,
We're thankful for you. ;)

Johnny & Carli


Bet you didn't know...
One of the blessings of owning your own business is we get to make the rules!
SO we offer all of our wedding clients a free one year anniversary shoot!
This includes a one hour session, one location and a free 8x10.
It must be shot within 30 calendar days of their wedding date, but
what an incredible way to connect with you all again!

So if you are an Inkedfingers bride, don't forget to email us 2-3 months before your 1-yr wedding anniversary so we can put you on the books! It's a joy seeing where our Lovelies are a year later
and it's even more of a blessing to know we can still be a part of that story...

Thank you Lovelies for all you do! Have a fabulous Monday! 
I'll be blogging over the next couple of weeks on Darlene's senior portraits, Jenn & Tim's anniv session, Jess & Ryan's anniv session and Kelly & Eric's wedding! You're in for a real treat!!

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