Monday, April 9

Inkedfingers Commercial Photography | Tiffany & Co

We weren't able to talk about the gig as we were shooting, and
I will admit it was an interesting turn of events indeed.

We shot for Tiffany & Co the beginning of the year.
I'd like to blog more about the experience later, 
but for now I'll just say that working for them was everything you'd expect 
it to be: incredibly organized, amazing people and a great overall experience. 

And no, we weren't offered any jewelry. 
(I still can't believe how many people ask me that. :)

 You can see one of our photos here:

I cannot lie. I still have the check stub within my view of my desk.
It's one opportunity and 
who knows what's around the corner.

Have a wonderful Monday, friend.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment for the wind to change...
Just keep breathing.

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