Thursday, May 10

Austin Entrepreneur Organization | EO Roundup 2012

April 12-14th we had the privilege of photographing the Entrepreneur Organization Regional Event.

What an exciting time for these world-changing entrepreneurs! EO Thrive marked EO Austin's 25th anniversary! How fabulous to reap from other's experience and to be surrounded by the best entrepreneur's the world has to offer: Herb Kelleher- CEO of Southwest Airlines,  Lanham Napier - Rackspace CEO to name a few.

As a business owner myself I couldn't help but rejoice at the serendipitous coincidence:
Johnny & I were able to attend this conference as photographers, capturing the camaraderie and networking but stealthily reaping incredible wisdom!

We were so honored to be there. A huge thank you to Colleen Cole and Emma Jouvent for having us, and the entire staff at the W Hotel for being so accommodating. 

If you attended the conference and would like to view all of the photographs,
email us at and we'd be happy to send you the link!


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Lindsey Ramage said...

What a great opportunity! The pictures are nothing short of wonderful, as usual you guys... way to go!

PS: I LOOOOVE THE W HOTEL! So fancy and cool! :)