Tuesday, May 1

Buck Up | a heart to heart on being

There is only ONE you. 

So, if you don't speak it, who will say it?
They won't like it... They will think I'm crazy.  

But maybe, just maybe there is ONE person that needs to hear it, to read YOUR words!

If you don't create it, who will begin the revolution?

But I won't make a difference. I am one. single. person. My art doesn't matter, look at all of the art that's out there that's better than mine.

Think of the one time you were having a down, down day 
and all it took was one smile from a stranger,
ONE kind word from the friend that hasn't contacted you in months,
one beautiful piece of art that inspired you to pick back up YOUR art.

It didn't take an army of people, it only took one person to make a difference.

So here is the truth:
You do make a difference. 
You are making a difference.

You can only do that, if you, my Lovely, are most you.

Next time you want to do something daring, please please don't hold yourself back. It may be the one time you inspire someone to make a work of art that changes the world. Or even better, 

it may save a life
be it even, just ONE.


luba lee said...

dear carli,

you are so inspiring, you capture all this beauty with your images, with your words, with your behaviour. you make it happen again and again with your kindness, your work and your gratitude.

thank you for being such a magic woman. cheers.

punchagan said...

Thanks for this inspiring post!