Friday, May 18

Margaret and Scott | When to Shoot (and) Edit in Black and White

Quiet moments, shared conversation over fresh brew and small treats... I believe life is made up of these fleeting seconds, where ideas bloom, dreams and hopes are cultivated in between 
short sips and long gazes.

Margaret's lived everywhere. I met Margaret at a craft fair. I was selling vintage stamps and homemade stationery and as she walked up the stairs and turned the corner towards my booth I felt she was a familiar soul. Maybe we were sisters in another life time. We hit it off swell. She was in Austin attending UT for a graduate in information technology and we spoke of our shared love of coffee, books, (our loathe of misused smart phones) and most importantly, letter writing.

It wasn't long before we met up at a coffee shop, then another coffee shop, at times, double dates with Scott her boyfriend & Johnny, other times quiet Tuesday mornings lent to talking about family and preserving old letters.

I learned Margaret had a fancy for collecting and preserving butterflies.
I learned Scott and Margaret rode their bikes everywhere together and Margaret was a librarian.
And I learned that Scott was moving to Ecuador for work and Margaret out of state for a fellowship.

What else could I do but offer to preserve their relationship... in a quiet morning near a park next to their house and in Blue Dahlia where they ate great food and spoke of plans in the future.

I asked Margaret if she liked black and white photographs. (Why would I even have to ask this? Our pinterest boards are identical.) But I experimented a bit with editing. In general, I turn a photograph black and white when the color is distracting. More so with M & S's shoot I felt that black and white stripped the images of a specific time period and lent them to a more classic feel, transcendent of an era, timeless.

Scott and Margaret are so classic.

I met Margaret on the day of a craft fair and she leaves town on the day of a craft fair...

Margaret, Darling, you will be missed.
The best of luck to both of you on your adventures and wherever the road may lead you,
may lead both of you, I am happy to be a small part of your journeys.

Now, you can never forget...

much love,


Jervynna said...

This is breath-taking! I have been following u on instagram, i don't know what took me so long to come to your blog! Amazing work!

Tom Collins said...

Pardon me for saying so but I like you. Namastae and peace to you.
Thank you for sharing this sweet and heartfelt story.

Joana Herrera said...

lovely photos!