Wednesday, June 13

Sarah & Tim | Butler Park & Capitol Austin Engagements

You probably already know we don't pay to advertise.
So all of our Lovelies come to us from the grandest places: happy clients!

Ali Meyer referred Ms Sarah to us and what a delightful time we had!
We began at the Capitol as the sun was setting
then finished at Butler Park! 
So thankful Ali has some mad styling abilities as she helped prep the shoot!
Thanks so much sweets!

Meet Sarah and Tim.
Sarah is an event coordinator (and sings!)
And Tim will one day be the face of Texas himself (and he plays the guitar!)
And that is how they met. On stage.

So I heard a rumor during their reception they are going to have 
all of their talented musician friends circle the stage for the night!
What a fabulous idea!

A darling pair. :)

Sarah and Tim we can't wait for your wedding!
Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your lives!!

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