Monday, July 16

Cosmic Love | How to Kiss in the Rain

Johnny and I thought this storm would blow over.
As we were driving into downtown to begin shooting L + J's engagements last night,
it went from drizzling to torrentially down-pouring. It showed no signs of letting up!

So (how cool is this??) we headed on over to Woodland and grabbed a drink with that duo instead. 

Meet Lauren + Jono.

They met on a study abroad program in Germany.

Their first date was bike riding up the side of a mountain
to a little concert with the locals.
(You should have Lauren tell you the story about the
bike ride up those jackknife turns... that part about "Oh I do this all the time!" he he)
They are the perfect pair.
He's a chef.  She works with students abroad.

Since our engagement shoot was pretty well canceled with the downpours,
over grapefruit juice and vodka I jumped up and down and yelled 
"You could kiss in the rain!!"
Lauren practically ripped her shoes off then and there
and Jono grabbed her hand and with no reservation...

That's the kind of couples we have.
Aren't they amazing??

So how do you kiss in the rain?
 With reckless abandon, of course!

 Dear dear Lauren and Jono,
We can not wait for our real engagement session.
In the interim, here are a few classic shots of the day you two laughed
and kissed in the rain...

We are so thankful and delighted to be a part of your lives!

carli + johnny

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Gypsy Floral said...

These shots are so full of love and spontaneity! Can't wait to see more where this came from!