Friday, July 13

If you hear a voice within you say...

On our drive to Town Lake yesterday I looked up to this blue sky.  I was freaking out in the car... 
Johnny! John! Open the sunroof! Quick!!
I almost didn't go. Can you believe it?

And moments after taking this, no joke, the sun emerged from the clouds and this moment passed.
So thankful I went. So thankful I saw this moment.

The best camera is... the one you have with you.

I did a few of these combining words + photos in the past and even now so, more than ever, 
it is on my heart to inspire you.

I hope you will share this with someone you love.
I hope you will pass this along to that one person (or maybe 3? or 4?) who need to hear this 
in this moment.

Be light, Lovely.
Happy Friday.



Lindsey Ramage said...

It's pretty remarkable and I dont know if you noticed, but the cloud kind of looks like a muscular arm. It reminds me of strength. I'm glad you went to. This moment was made exactly for YOU!

XO, L!

Delotas said...

I saw this same cloud after leaving work that day and felt a little more free. Great moment, indeed.