Thursday, July 19

Jack & Nichole | The value in creating business relationships

This couple is so special to me! Jack was my boss, circa 2006, and great friend and I will never forget the first time I met his fiance Nichole at Austin Java and she bounced in the room and I knew (how did I know?) we were going to be best friends.

Maybe you remember Jack and Nichole from their 2009 wedding that we, along with Serendipity Photography, photographed in Houston? Although we don't do wedding cinema any longer, just wanted to take you back to the beginning and then show you what we had the privilege to do a few weekends ago....

This is my first trial at a "little one on the way" story. We didn't rehearse, just flipped on the dslr to hd videomode after Jack + Nichole's shoot and asked them a few questions! To note, there was a concert going on behind us, so sorry for all of the background noise!

Perhaps this is something we'll offer in the future, but for now, just happy to give J+N a little present they can share with Noah!! Hoping to combine a few photos after Noah is born into a full birth story! Until then, enjoy the sneak peek! Thanks for watching. :)

To Jack and Nichole, Few words would encompass how thankful I am to be here, right now, in this moment with you, to photograph this enormous miracle for you and to one day very very soon, hold a tangible being of your love.


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gina marie said...

i just burst into tears ..... happy ones