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The best Iphone Business Apps | How to make social media & technology work for you

You know me. You know that I'd rather send a letter than an email, a phone call over a text. Unfortunately I live in the 21st century and this old soul has been diggin her heels in with the overload of social media the last few years. I sincerely thought I had to do ALL of it or NONE of it. I won't ever forget the day I almost threw my iphone against the wall because it was ding-ing with notifications every 5 minutes. How does anyone get anything done?

Then I read an article that gave me permission, gave me the green light to do only what fit my business.
"Wait," I thought. "That can't be right! I have to do what all of these people are telling me in order to be successful! I have to have it all! I have to have twitter and facebook and linked in and have a fax number and marketing and..."

Nope. No, you don't! In my opinion, do you know what makes the most successful business for youDoing the things that only you feel are right for you and your company. 
Authenticity goes a long way, my friend.
Not only do you NOT have to do what everyone else is doing, in doing what you feel is best for you and your company (in relation to your business needs) you'll find you'll be better at the few things you do-- because they come naturally

Give yourself permission to not do what everyone else is doing if you don't think it's right for you. 
Unfortunately for me, my desire for authenticity was clashing with social media altogether! haha

At different points in my life I've quit twitter, facebook, I even remember in 2010 when I happily went back to my flip phone for 3 months! (This was pre-Instagram of course! ha) But this last 3 week break from facebook taught me an invaluable lesson. Social Media has become our print ads. It is an extended form of a word-of-mouth referral and since we do not pay to advertise (yes, even our facebook business page is free :) every comment, every like, every share is pivotal to our success story!

Make social media and the apps work for you and your needs, instead of being a slave to it.

Be patient. It's impossible to know in one day what will work for you. The thought is "I don't want to leave this type of social media because when I come back no one will be there!" Another lie, my friend. Let things run their course. If it's meant to be, your customers will be awaiting your arrival! If it's not meant to be there is a social media/outlet that WILL be the perfect match for you about to show itself. So... have faith. Everything in time and sincerity.

Here is my recipe to keep it simple, what works for Inkedfingers in relation to social media/iphone overload:
  • I disabled text on our phone so I don't text our clients! We're already getting emails, calls, fb messages, bombarded from all ends, so I took one more step to keep it simple. Our clients know and respect this!
  • I turned off all of my notifications on my iphone. Yep, even for Instagram! I don't have a single "ding" on my phone except for ... wait for it ...  when it rings!!! That is my freedom. I can check it at my convenience, not every second when it's demanded.
  • We found business iphone apps that help us be more productive throughout the day: see below!
  • I synced several of my social medias with each other so I wouldn't have to post original content on each social network! A freakin' God-send and can be done through each social networking site, for the most part!
  • I synced my blog to my social media sources through TwitterFeed . This is another God-send so once I blogged I wouldn't have to worry about reposting the link a half dozen times!

Now, on to the candy!

Here are my 4 essential business apps:


Mileage Tracker
You know that little guessing game of "approx how many miles did I drive"
then googling it, blah blah blah. No more!!
I have a little note in my car that says "Don't forget to turn on your mileage tracker!"
You can enter odometer readings, take a photo of your odometer or even have it track you via gps
and it automatically calculates your route! Hooray!

We won't talk about last years receipts. haha
Now, after every business related expense, I take a picture of my receipt,
pay a small monthly fee and they scan in all of the details
AND attach it to the expense! Impressive! (See Outright. :)


I really thought LinkedIN was useless for my business needs
until I discovered Card Munch. It does exactly what you think it does:
Take a photo of the business card.
It scans it and inputs the data.
Then connects you to them on LinkedIn automatically! Awesome.
Finally a solution to the random 2 dozen biz cards floating around my office!



Ical already does a lot of these things.
The difference is how much easier to use Calvetica is.
Calvetica syncs with ical and the 2 most useful things for me:
1. Set alarms. I can't use these enough throughout the day! "Email him" "Call her" "Thank her"
2. You can email people the events! Every event I put in my calendar, shoot, birthday, etc, I email John and whoever else involved and with a tap of a button they add the event to their calendar!
Love the clean lined userface.


I need to use this more!
It syncs with your online account and you can actually download the 
items in your db account directly to your iphone! It's a great way for me to post DSLR pics to IG
or to get our pricelist to email a new client if I'm away from the office.

I hope this info helps you even a fraction of how it's helped me to keep this business together!
I'd love to hear what apps/programs you're using to make you more productive! 
Thanks so much for taking the time to read! *sips coffee, opens back up photoshop*
Have a wonderful, productive week, my friend!

xo, carli

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