Tuesday, July 10

Where/How do I begin to start my own company? || Nothing is to be feared, only understood.

Nothing is to be feared. It is only to be understood.  -Marie Curie

I have so many talented friends and family. It's unbelievable.
I see so many of you with so much life and this grappling fear of the unknown.
It's only human, Love.
But as the wise Ms Curie states, nothing is to be feared, only understood.
To begin the path of understanding, I am sharing with you videos that rocked my world
almost two years ago and are as poignant now as then.
Maybe they will be as helpful to you, too?

I do hope so. I hope you can see light at the end of the tunnel, Lovely.
Whatever it is you want to achieve,

You got this. :)

No matter your endeavor, it's a business.
Here is how the notable Grace from Design Sponge launched her creative business, 
and how she stays on track, today:

One last link worthy of note:  Design Sponge Biz Ladies

much love, c

PS: I have so many photographs to blog, I've lost count! Stay tuned later this week for wedded and baby bliss from Houston to Denver!

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