Friday, August 24

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I've missed you! I've missed this blogging world. How are you?

Four days I was in California with Gina, photographing a wedding and seeing LA & Santa Monica for the first time. It was more beautiful then I could have thought and Gina, so giving of her time and showing me her world, so full of light and love. 
Then I rendezvoused with Johnny for 9 days in Hawaii. 

It was the first non-working vacation we've ever taken together as a husband and wife & business partners. Our businesses have been intense this year (so much to be thankful for!) but somewhere
in there is a need to break from work and just be together, without crunching numbers or fulfilling a deadline. By taking this trip it was a statement for us that family comes first.

What a magnificent 9 days it was.

So I tried very hard to establish patterns on this trip. Tried to wake up every morning and journal.
This poem is the product of one of those mornings. 
Inspiration flowed so freely on that quiet Kailua shore.... 

What does it mean?
I read it to Johnny. I loved how much it spoke to him on a completely different level then why I wrote it. Isn't that the beauty in poetry? If you want to keep close to heart what it means to you, then skip down to below the next photograph. If you want to understand what it means to me, keep reading. :)

1st stanza
For me, it is about life. Life burns us. We get our heart hurt and we assume nothing good can come from it again. We worry worry worry that we might never love again, we might not have this feeling again, maybe someone will let us down, opportunities won't come again. But we must take heart. This life is rich with signs and wonders. Above every negative fleeting thought, there is a seed of hope in you and you must hold fast to that.
Believe it! At any moment the wind will change! This life is not so rough!

2nd stanza
I was raised in a very religious background. I am so thankful for the foundation my parents (now Jewish!) gave to me. Funny how we grow up first thinking our parents can never be wrong- they are the wisest people we know. But as soon as we become adults we have this perception we are suddenly more wise and more savvy then the hands that fed us. (Whether or not this is true....)
We don't walk on sand un-tread. Every feeling, every situation has already occurred in this world! We are not alone!

3rd stanza
The very last line seems to confuse people and I will tell you this:
It is a part of our society, culture to not show our emotions. Feeling, living, experiencing, is the very thing that makes us human. When, not if, we go through grief, we must wait a while in these emotions. We must experience them in order to let them go. We resist (resist crying, grieving, enjoyment for ourselves, feeling, being) until we find my friend that the cure is this: we must grieve.

We must be in the moment. Do not hold it in. Journal, write everything you are feeling and thinking.
We are not the product of our thoughts.

Discover the answers in your writing and then let them go.

We are in this moment, this life right now with the purpose to give love to all...

Thank you for allowing me this time off. It was so good for my soul.

And now I am happy to return home to you lovelies. :) If you've made it this far down this long-winded post I must say thank you again, for reading these lessons life is trying to teach me. Be well, sweet soul. I will share a secret with you Sunday, I believe!


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wreckless creative | kristy said...

So perfect. I appreciated that you shared your own rhythm and you shared where this poem came from. Thank you so much!