Tuesday, August 28

Sooner or Later, Believe it

Hello sweet soul,
This song keeps playing in my head. Over and over...
It is the song Johnny and I slow danced to in the living room.

Until we are grateful enough to be exactly where we are , until we can fully internalize "gratitude solves all problems" we will never be where we want.

My friend, no where you are in life, whether you're sitting in a 9-5 working your freaking butt off to make ends meet, dreaming of owning your own company, maybe you own your own company and you're surrounded by papers and emails, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel... this is exactly where you need to be at this time in your life. One season at a time, my Love.

It's like a children's story book, our lives. Everything is a metaphor, an allegory for something we need to learn. If only we could realize this. If only in our lowest of lows we could "see the astonishing light of our being." (Hafiz)

Today, I will have hope for you. I dream big dreams for you, because dreams, my friend come true.

In 4 days I will be on my way to photograph in Israel, an event organized by Tel Aviv University Students, sponsored by StandWithUs, an international non-profit supporting education of the state of Israel. I am speechless, humbled. I will believe it when I step foot in the Holy Land.

In 2004, when I moved out on my own with not a penny to my name and only this: independence, I had no idea where I would be in 8 years.
Love. Desire. Drive. Passion.

One day at a time, Lovely.
Every single step, no matter how small, is one towards your dream.
Never ever ever give up.

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Rendog1977 said...

I love this, it spoke straight to my heart today. Well said my dear. Thanks for sharing.