Friday, September 28

Beasts in Black and White

Beautiful beasts.
We had 3 gigs last weekend and at the end of Lauren and Jono's rehearsal we
 stopped by the fields outside of The Plantation House and Johnny captured these little guys...

I mostly stayed in the car in awe of the horses reaction to him. 
We didn't check at the time to see if this one (below) was a girl, but as
I was editing the photos I told Johnny I thought she might be...
only because she had these glorious eye lashes!
When we went back the next evening for the wedding, we weren't
surprised to find out she IS a girl and a very social one at that. :)

What's odd (and serendipitous) is all 3 gigs last weekend involved horses...
That's never happened before...

Here is Juliana and Jeremy at a horse ranch where they had their
first date, and ironically, where Juliana's parents met years earlier.
They were celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary.

Lauren and Jono's sneak peek coming soon!
Have a wonderful Friday, Lovely

xo, carli

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calista said...

Horses are so inquisitive - I love those little snuffling noises they make when they sniff your face. I swoon.

Love this set of pictures - especially that last one!