Friday, September 28

Is Your Love Big Enough? | Lianne La Havas

Britain's done it again!
I've been listening to KUT lately as I run my errands around town, a local radio station 
which features NPR's daily greats and so many intriguing up-and-coming artists.

KUT is also how I heard of George Martinez (see below blog posts) and now featuring 
Ms Lianne La Havas from none other than the UK. Holy smokes.

Before you push play, here's what Jody Rosen from Rollingstone had to say about the Lovely:

"I found myself in a secondhand guitar," sings London chanteuse Lianne La Havas on the title track of her debut album. That's not idle talk. La Havas, just 22, is a natural who uses her six-string acoustic and her husky R&B croon to create songs that fall winningly between categories: part Bill Withers-esque neo-soul, part Bon Iver-style indie folk, with punchier beats than you'd expect and welcome detours into Sade's plush bedroom. There are surprises: jazz chords that seep into wintry folk ballads; come-ons that double as threats. The lyrics dwell on troubled romance, but the cool, pretty, expertly arranged music washes over you like a healing wave.

Here's a beautiful live version for ya.
Because you can't really tell how good an artist is
until they've got nothing but 4 walls and a voice...

Hope this song makes you forget your troubles long enough to want to bust a move...

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