Monday, September 17

A Piano and Peaches

I fell asleep last night to Johnny playing the piano. It is the most glorious sound.

It is a human spirit embracing it's art and what could possibly be more amazing?
He plays by ear, which, very similar to his photography has no formal
training and yet sits down and some andante simple melody drifting
in his mind floats to the surface. 
I would fall asleep every night like this...

Anyway, it's morning now and he's still sleeping.
I smell peaches and cinnamon baking in the oven.

He bought some 2 dozen peaches at Costco a few days ago and
there's only one right thing to do with peaches:

I've resolved in the few days since my return from Israel
to do more of that which makes me feel alive and most me.

I belong in the kitchen.

Hopefully in less than an hour that cute boy will wake up 
and we'll eat peach cobbler for breakfast.

Life with 2 is simple and glorious.
Of peaches and a piano...

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