Friday, September 21

The Home I find in Autumn

What is home to you? What does it feel like? Taste like? Smell like?

I grew up in a large family and although I might have resented my mother then 
for sending us outside to play on the swingset or chalk the driveway,
I cannot forget those crisp apples she'd smother in peanut butter. We lived in mild 
climates for much of my childhood but I cannot forget those long bike 
rides bundled up and coming home to apple and peanut butter snacks: apple slices so big
 they're almost too big to take a bite out of. I never really preferred
crunchy peanut butter myself....

It's not cold here in Austin this morning
but it's definitely not hot out either and I am thankful for that.
The reprieve in heat makes me crave an autumn breeze, apples, peanut butter... pumpkin.
I am drinking a pumpkin spiced latte as I finish editing this beautiful wedding.

In keeping in theme with autumn,
here are a few Instagram images from November of 2010, some of the 
first ever Instagram photos I took while camping with Johnny, the light of autumn alive.

May you have a wonderful day, my friend.
And may you remember what home feels like 
and carry it with you wherever you go...


Johnny said...

Beautiful, just like you!

Lindsey said...

I wish I could give you a big hug. I love the lyric "Sometimes it may seem dark, but the absence of light is a necessary part.." sounds like something my irrefutable father would say! :-)

Kisses my dear.