Thursday, October 11

Photographing Newborns | We are Young

I've felt so old lately and I can't help but think maybe it's because I 've photographed so many newborns. Or maybe it's because I have 2 younger sisters that are experiencing so much of life for the first time and I am in awe of their innocence. It is a beautiful thing, innocence. I am 28 and...

We are young. We are as young as we feel and I can't help believe that this would be one delightful joy of having children... we are once again able to live in a world where anything is possible and love is infinite and those we love can do no wrong. 

The world is, as we perceive it.

These are a few photographs of my short time with Adam and Joanna and their new gift, Addison in Houston, TX. It's true, I hear how much lack of sleep mothers get the first few months (years?) but I see at the same time these mothers cherishing every moment, every breath of this gift. Through children, we are made young again, we are the keepers of their heart and I am fulfilled knowing for a few families every month I am able to preserve, for their children's children, these memories...

Thank you so much, Jo. :) 


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