Monday, October 29

you've got me // music monday

"You've got me, right where you want me..."

The last few weeks have been exceptionally trying... and it's not just me. I hear it from my friends. Something in the air, begs us to look higher, reach deeper, pull ourselves up by our boot straps. If you know me, I'm pretty good about finding the glass half full. "It's not the mountain ahead to climb that wears us out" said Muhammed Ali, "It's the pebble in our shoe."

The sun sets too early for me to get all I need, done, and it'd be way too easy to tell you everything that's wrong, count these pebbles in my shoe, share all these troubles with anyone who will listen
but it's not easy enough to speak everything that's just so right.
There's so much right.
Oh man. Gratitude, if we can only find a grateful heart...

So I hope this finds you seeking the Light. It's not easy, you know? But we got this...
It's the beginning of a week and only good, my friend, lies ahead.

And our perception becomes our reality.

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sivas kuru igneleme said...

the music really perfect.