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How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers | Gypsy Floral & The Plantation House

Meet Gypsy Floral & Events, featuring team members Sunni & Emily. 

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We've done several gigs with them over the last 4 years! I am so impressed with their ability to not only translate a bride's vision but to transform an entire space into a fairy tale, that I asked them a few questions to help our Lovelies better undersand who they are, what they do and tips and tricks to navigating the fabulous world of florals!

They referred Lauren & Jono's wedding to us at the Plantation House last month, so we'd thought we'd fill in the spaces between with some of their fantastic handiwork!
Take it away Sunni & Emily! We're honored to have you featured!

How long have you been in business? 
We have a collective 15 years experience in the industry. We are great partners and really value each
others artistic vision. We (Sunni & Emily) were introduced by mutual friends/family, and the rest is Gypsy history!

What is your favorite part about being a florist?
We love our job! We’re so fortunate to be creative every day and make
living art for our clients. The best part of the job is seeing a bride light
up on her wedding day when she gets the first look at her bouquet. It’s
always a special moment.

What types of gigs do you do?
We are event florists that specialize in weddings and event styling. But,
We’re are also available for event and wedding coordination. We love
comprehensive event design because the details can be cohesive thru out
the event. From invitations to send off you can create mini-experiences for
the guest to enjoy.

Where do you work?
We consider Austin and the surrounding hill country our home base, but
as Gypsies we are here there and everywhere. In the past, we’ve done
weddings in New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Florida, and just had a first
international wedding in Riga, Latvia. We always jump at the chance to
travel and explore new places!

How much should a bride expect to budget for floral for her wedding
day? What affects the price of florals?
No matter the budget, Gypsy Floral works with every bride to meet their
needs, and create something spectacular for their special day. We find
Brides typically spend anywhere from 5% - 10% of their total wedding
budget on flowers. Like any fresh product, actual cost of flowers is
affected by the season and market demand.

Any budget-saving tips for our lovelies?
One of the best and easiest ways to save money on flowers is to use
non-traditional centerpieces. Don’t feel pressured to have a vase full of
cut flowers. The sky’s the limit when it comes to tablescapes. We love
creating potted plant centerpieces like succulents, herb gardens and
topiaries for the couple to enjoy months after the wedding.

Have you read any magazine related content that you've found is
false about the wedding floral industry?
We haven’t read any directly false information, but we do feel that there
is a misconception that you have to spend boucoup money to have a
gorgeous wedding. We advocate the use of natural and nontraditional
elements to create a look that is unique to the event and represents the
passions of the couple.

Should a bride be conscious of different flowers and seasons? Will that affect her budget?
Nowadays, brides have many options to carry flowers that are out of
season. We buy from wholesalers around the world, so we can source a
wide variety of flowers year around. The price and availability do change.
This is why we always encourage brides to go for flowers that are local
and in season. Flowers that travel a shorter distance from farm to bouquet
are fresher and more sustainable. Something else brides should keep in
mind is that price can increase by 30% or more during special holidays like
Mother’s Day and Valentines Day.

Anything else you'd like to tell our lovelies?
We truly hope every bride enjoys her wedding. We recommend you take
a moment before you walk down the aisle to take a deep breath and look
around. The day goes so fast!

// Thank you so much ladies for sharing your floral wisdom with us!
If you are one of our brides and you'd like one of YOUR vendors to be featured, shoot them our way! We hope to continue sharing our vendor's wisdom with our couples more over the next year! Have a wonderful weekend!

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