Monday, November 5

Molly & The Rival on a Monday

I've photographed more newborns in the last month than brides.
That's a first.

Meet the cuddle bunny Molly on this delightful Monday.

In the wake of edits and albums, it's so refreshing to come across some new music. I'd never heard of the band The Rival before, but no sooner did I push play on this song and recognized it in a commercial. Can you tell which one? :)

Run, Run, Time to win the race
Cause you were made for this... You can feel it inside your bones
You were made for this... and it's time to let the world know...

Let the light fade into... all the colors that make you...

If you like this song even a smidgen, do yourself a favor and listen to so many more here:
Worthy of mention is "Brave New World" and "The Best of Us" my personal favorites!

Have a wonderful week, my friend. I have a couple of surprises this week. :) Stay tuned


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Elisa199770 said...

Hi my friend! Have you heard of the "Punch Brothers"? They are mine and B's new fav music find...discovered them while watching an episode of Austin City Limits ;)