Tuesday, December 4

The Season of Many Hats

While our holiday portrait season comes to a close and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel we're finally able to kick back into "creative mode". As my good friend Carly and I were talking about earlier this week, when you own your own small business (a photography business in particular) you're forced to wear many hats: 
marketer, secretary, designer, photographer, editor, public relations manager, book-keeper, strategist, blogger, social media guru... and the list goes and on. 

During spring and fall here in TX,  our peak seasons, we have little time for website maintenance and updating forms and strategizing marketing plans and all of our time is spent shooting, editing and answering emails. We're within two weeks of getting caught up and already my head is spinning with a few things that need to change around here! :) 

Just a detail here and there! This is what I thrive on, bringing to life what is bubbling in my spirit!

So, Lovely, here are a few gigs we've been working on lately! We have 4 sessions to finish editing, several albums and finishing up card orders! I hope to be able to jump more on this blogging band wagon closer toward the end of the year. In the mean time, hope you are enjoying the holiday spirit wherever you are. With Christmas being less than 3 weeks away (crazy!!) and Hanukkah only a few days, there's much to be thankful for!

Happy Tuesday!   xo, carli

From a recent shoot with Byrd and Blair for Camille Styles

Darling Kiersten for her parent's engagement session. 

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