Monday, January 21

Our updated website! Our updated Etsy store!

Hooray! Hooray! It's finally updated!
No doubt you've already paid a visit to our main website, but the truth is we haven't
updated our work there for **ahem** a good 2 years! Holy smokes that's a long time.

We've deleted/added so many photos that I feel like we've completely rebranded! ha
You know that feeling after it's been just a little too long since you've gotten your hair
cut and then you look in the mirror after the stylist spins you around and you think "Woohoo!"

That's what I'm feeling about now. 
Won't you gander on over?
You'll recognize a few faces of clients who've been with us over the years
and a few new delightful new ones! Can't wait for you to see!

Did you know if you stay on the home page of "photography" for a few seconds,
you'll get a great mini slideshow of our favorite wedding shots?

What's updated?
We added a featured weddings tab.
We separated out our portrait tabs: 

One of my favorite sections is "lovers", mostly because I am always 
amazed at the trust our clients put in us to implement their ideas
with our own artistry. It's a beautiful marriage of true love and art.

Do we take the straight up "smile at the camera!" pics?
Of course we believe you've got to have a couple of those.
But let's be honest. Anyone can take those. Our passion is providing 
you a space where you can let down your hair and for a few short
hours just let your love shine... leave the rest up to us!

My second favorite gallery is "baby"!!! 
If you've ever even tried to take photos of a newborn or
baby bump or child under the age of 6 you'll see it's its own sort of pace.
By providing a great q&a we can set expectations so you
don't have to stress and we can capture those quiet moments...

And finally, introducing...
Our updated Etsy store!!

The majority of last year we abandoned our stamp and stationery making to 
focus on other business, but we've decided to bring it back and not
even half way into the Jan we're already fulfilling orders! Hooray!
Yes, we can do custom orders, too! 

Have a wonderful week, Lovely. 
I'll be blogging Sarah and Tim's spring wedding later this week
along with some other great news! Thanks for hanging out for a bit. :)

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