Monday, January 28

The world's tiniest wedding photos | Sarah and Tim

In an attempt to blog more weddings I got this great blog collage creator that 
works seamlessly with photoshop! I just spent the last hour creating this and 
then photoshop.... crashed. Ugh.
Really, it's my fault. I was trying to make a 125 photo collage. That's no easy task for
 a computer that's already running Firefox, Bridge AND Pandora!
SO I realized after I thought I had saved it, that I had all of my settings off. 
Just take a look at this incredible wedding! Isn't it glorious?!

I think I might have saved it a just wee bit too small and did not save the 
original (editable) photoshop file before it crashed. 

C'est la vie! Back to the drawing board! 
Oh lovely Mondays.............. 


gina marie said...

hahaha ... you crack me up!
well done my lovely friend

Anonymous said...

man oh man, it IS a Monday. I'm glad you can find humor in these kinds of situations. I think I would have thrown my computer against a wall. - Emily

Sarah said...

Awww, but now I can put my wedding in my pocket and carry it around with me forever! Jk, but still grateful for how you and Johnny captured our special day so perfectly. -Sarah