Friday, March 15

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Over the last year I couldn't make up my mind if I was going to 
post my family/personal stuff on this blog or on another? 

Alas, I think it is only fitting that babies + all things preggo be on 
one and the newness of love and couples on another! Introducing my new blog:

It is my goal to move all of our newborn and family shoots over to this ^^ blog as well, keeping anniversary/wedding/engagement on here! This will help me focus our blog topics on wedding/love instead of being  a l l  over the place all of the time! :)

Spring has arrived and with a new season, new ideas in bloom! While we wait for the arrival of our little one (only 8+ weeks left!) there is much to do! If we don't get to your wedding album before baby arrives, rest assured I'll still be plugging along well after she's graced us with her presence! 

Here's to hoping you have a lovely week! Thanks so much for following along. :)

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kristen said...

i love the way you think. congrats on the new Baby. i just love it to death already. (the blog i am talking about, not the person. i already can't wait to meet her!!)