Tuesday, December 24

The Invasion of the Elf

The Invasion of the Christmas Elf
starring little e
by carli kiene

I walked into the nursery at dawn
To find this little red velvet fawn! 

She peeked in the drawers
She peered in the crannies
Maybe she was looking 
for Christmas jammies?

Was she really an elf?
It was never clear
Till that velvet little darling
Found our tree with the deer!

She fingerprinted the mirror
Left her mark everywhere

She even tried jumping 
In the johnny jumper chair!!

She must have got hungry
For I spied her wee hands
In Emilia's high chair
Downing snacks like a champ!

She made her way to the bathroom
She must have liked that fluffy rug

Cause she crawled up on our bed
Where she tucked herself in snug!!

Was she really an elf
Oh I'll never say.
But that darling sure resembled
our Emiliana Rae!

As you gather round your tables
As you hold tight those you hold dear
We wish you health and happiness
and a very happy new year!

carli and emiliana

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