Friday, March 14

The People of SXSW | Street Photography in Austin, TX

It goes something like this:

First, you ask your beautiful friend from out of town to hold your baby.
Thank you darling Margaret!

You tape a line to the cement where you stand.
You tape an "x" where they stand.

You buy a stamp and a fresh ink pad and 
then you approach beautiful people and with a delightfully accepting smiling face 
you speak five words:

May I take your portrait?

After that single click and their unpredictable countenance,
you stamp their hand with your brand new logo.
And you send them on their way
In search
Always in search
of another approachable

Oh the people of SXSW. You were so kind to me.
Thank you for giving me one brief moment of time
to interact, for one portrait, to see so much beauty
in this world. 

I shot in jpg and didn't allow myself to edit.
I only wanted to take one picture of every person.
This is their story.


I intentionally didn't watermark these. In the spirit of giving, please feel free to right click/save the image and use it as you wish. If you'd kindly link back to our blog, I would be forever grateful!

Thank you so much.


1 comment:

Felicity said...

Very touching!! Such wonderful photos that capture the essence of each individual :)