Sunday, May 11

Mother's Day | To the mothers of those born and those waiting to be.

This has always been a particularly difficult holiday for me. For those of you that know my family history and for those that understand that most recently, Johnny and I went through almost 3 years of infertility. It was so life changing, I started a blog about it which I every now and then post ( The real reason for this post today though, is last Friday I celebrated my daughter's 1 year birthday. Every little thing set me into tears and not sad tears, but gratitude for the most humbling reality. She is here, in my arms.

To all of the mothers that have children, this is now one of your favorite holidays. To all of the mothers that yearn and long for something they have not yet been given, I want to share this with you:

A Letter I wrote 6 weeks before becoming pregnant. Today might be the best day for you to pick up a pen and write to your little ones, too. :)

Dear baby Kiene,
Johnny and I have been married 5 years now, as of just 4 days ago. You have not been gifted to us yet, but it had to be this way. It has to be. Many things in life we don't understand and maybe we never will, but that is God's mystery and gift to us. He always sees this grand Master plan  and it is so so glorious and magnificent and sometimes he allows us to see a small glimpse of it... and those are humbling moments indeed. We trust Him. We have confidence in Him becase it is always good for us and always always always more grand and glorious than we could have dreamed! I, your mother, Carli, have hoped to have held you in my arms by now, kissed your cuddly cheeks, looked into your soulfilled eyes, but I know in my heart, that gratitude solves all problems. Thus, I learn a very important lesson on this journey of ours,,, until I am grateful enough to be where I am, then I will never feel you. So, my Love, I don't know your face, your silly mannerisms or voice, but I know this: God is faithful. He will always be.

your Mommy

Happy Mother's Day. Have hope. And if you cannot have hope, Emiliana and I will have hope for you...


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