Wednesday, March 18

SXSW 2015 | Glass Is Life (FaderFort)

We've had the privilege of shooting at least 3 dozen Instagram campaigns over the last few years and I don't know that I've blogged one of them to date. Such a shame! So much great material. 

Here's from SXSW's #glassislife, one of the sponsors of the FaderFort Converse! 
I don't understand how all of SXSW works anyway, all of this signing up required (even if you have a badge?!) Weird! Anyway, so even though we were on the VIP list our names didn't appear, so we waited in line for a good 45 minutes just to get our STAFF wristbands! Such an exclusive event! Seems like all of these lists upon lists upon wristbands are probably more trouble than it's worth  and seems like this is the shorter end of line waiting for the whole week. C'est la vie. 

Glass Is Life is this awesome campaign that recognizes that glass is a part of our everyday life, even if we don't *think* it is! A glass jar with jam in it for breakfast, cocacola bottles on the table for lunch, glass vases with flowers in the store we buy our clothes, etc etc. The coolest part about glass is that it is endlessly recyclable! Hooray for glass!

And hooray to Mobile Media Lab for having us along on this adventure. 
If you hashtag #glassislife to your Twitter or Instagram photos showing your time at the Fader Fort, you'll be entered to win skip the line tickets for the next day! Hooray for no waiting!

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Slavonk & Hortus Terraria said...

I love this! I always value people who choose glass over plastic and companies that care to continue to use glass containers.
It's also our main product material.

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Or go to the local recycling centers and ask for the apple juice bottles. Find cork to fit (champagne corks are best), and you got yourself no-hassle plant life to last up to 30 years.
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