Thursday, June 25

InkedFingers + Marina Quinete | Hello Wardrobe Stylist!


As we're filling up our calendar with portrait sessions I wanted to let you know we've officially added a wardrobe stylist to the mix! Everyone meet Marina Quinete. This is different than the Millie+Mox, kid's clothes partnership we had last year. (The lead buyer there, Fernanda is how we discovered Marina! Those talented Lovelies are sisters!) 

(Here she is on-location in Bastrop during our last editorial!)

We're taking it up a notch this year! Marina can actually come to your house to either help you and yours piece together your existing outfits for the shoot, or she can even meet you, learn your style and go shopping with/for you! If you're going to invest in portraits, allow us to help you take the headache out of figuring out what to wear! She has packages based on your needs.

A bit about Marina, she's been based in NYC the last year, working for the likes of incredible musicians and publications such as Vogue, traveling to Milan and abroad. Her and her sister Fernanda even had their own clothing line! We're so grateful to now have them here in ATX! Marina's a sweet incredibly talented Lovely and we're honored to bring her on board! (And she has the most amazing accent. She's from Brazil. :)

Let us know you'd like to connect to Marina for your shoot and we'll get you two in touch! 
This year is sure to be a fabulous one yet.

xo, car

PS: Don't forget we're still running the Polaroid promotion! If you book a session with us in the month of June (can be for a future date in 2015) you're eligible to win a Fujifilm Instax Wide and 50 "polaroid" prints! Considering we don't book usually more than 8-12 sessions a season, you're chances are fairly high at winning...

Ciao ciao.

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