Thursday, June 18

Taking a break at Lake Dillon | Colorado

Almost two years ago Johnny and I made a decision.
Inspired by the likes of Dave Ramsey and friends who shared success stories of living the life they dreamed, we decided we would choose experiences over things

In short, we ate out less, made more meals and coffee at home, bought less new clothes, decided to drive our older cars that we finally paid off instead of getting two more car payments...

we tried to live by the mantra:
everything we need, we've already been given.

A wise man once said "When you're in a discussion with someone who might say something that is different than what you believe, say 'I agree. I agree' and then go and live your own life."
For the most part, Johnny and I are private people, but I share this road we're on because maybe you are where we are and you just need a little bit of inspiration or motivation yourself.

As you can read in the last post here, all roads we've traveled thus far have lead us here.
It's wild. The more clutter we'd attempt to get rid of, the more clutter I realized we owned.
The quieter I tried to make my life, the more I realized just how filled with noise it was. 

I think that was my spirit, my heart acknowledging just where I wanted to be.
We're always arriving, my friend. If only I could remember this.

In the last post I talked about the book, The Compound Effect, which although I just discovered it in the last few weeks, it effectively explained for the last year what we had been trying to accomplish:
minimizing our life, creating routines, immediately implementing small incremental changes that would have a big impact on our lives in the long run.

While we make this trip to Colorado to visit family every year anyway, we rarely take the time to visit the mountains. This lake is the very lake where Johnny proposed circa 2006. We haven't been back since pregnant with Emiliana, so this was a special trip indeed...

I was tempted to bring home *something* with me, a token, a momento of this trip, then in my heart, I was reminded...

If the very fiber of who we are is the culmination of every one of our experiences, every place we have visited, every kind word spoken to us, every soul whom we've encountered ...
If we are energy and energy is neither created nor destroyed, merely transferred from one living being to the next...
Then let us live our lives knowing we shall not accumulate masses of trinkets and treasures, rather experiences full of lessons and worth.... 

let us, like little children, live free. 

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Heidi said...

I really love this! Might check out the compound effect... I crave getting rid of all the clutter, busyness and living a quieter life!