Monday, August 3

Cake, please. No, not just any cake. That cake.

Look at this cake. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Carly from Margot Blair designed it
and I took photographs while she placed every flower perfectly.
The whole collab was for Sugar and Cloth.
You can see the blog post here: 

Unfortunately, I'm about to let you in on a little secret. 
If you read the blog post on Sugar and Cloth's site, you
might think you can just go buy ugly cakes from the 
grocery store and a hand full of edible flowers and 
whip up a cake JUST LIKE this one.

At least that's what Carly says... 

I'm here to tell ya, you can't.
Carly is a freakin' magician so don't even waste your time.
Just bring a plain ol' white ugly cake to that party next time
and spare yourself the embarrassment of a mere attempt...

Or you know, hire Carly.

(If only you saw the outtakes of these hand shots.
At one point it looked like Carly had no fingers at all
thanks to my genius direction.
Thank God for multiple outtakes 
and two women that have a healthy sense of humor.)

And this is her consoling my daughter while I'm up on a ladder shooting.

(And that is warm banana bread down there on the counter my neighbor brought over.
It was amazingly delicious. Thank you lovely Robyn!)

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Jess said...

I could pick my sister's hands out of a line up from a mile away.