Wednesday, September 9

Google Photos + Hey Cupcake Collaboration

In collaboration with Google Photos and Hey Cupcake I had the pleasure of attending a recent pop-up event here in Austin! Austin is the epicenter of many great collabs! 

So you'd walk up, whip out your phone and the lovely Google people would randomly choose an object/place for you to find in your phone photos in 20 seconds! Ironically, the word chosen for me was "flight". The very last photo I shot was of Ali on the plane the night before! ha 
After finding the object in under 20 seconds you get a great big ol' cupcake! 

The beauty of the Google Photos app was first of all, I already had it downloaded on my new MotoX phone! What are the odds? Because we're by nature very visual people it felt very intuitive that you can see all of your photos by location or even search for them by key word. The square preview format is easy on the eyes. So amazing. Here's a screen shot from my recent time in NYC in Jack's Studios!

What blew my mind was when we woke up the second day, the phone had automatically created a highlight video of the day before, selecting a handful of key moments and putting it to music! I immediately shared it with friends! A smart app/phone indeed!

Check out more of the features here: Google Photos

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