Monday, September 14

Motorola MotoShoot | NYC

The Motorola MotoShoot event in NYC last week was unreal. I knew it would be fun engaging with new faces and cutting edge technology, but there was no way I could know just how fun it was styling and making others feel like a million bucks in Jack Studios. Why doesn't ATX have one of these?!

Below is a photo of Joseph's turn to rock it and me telling him "You're the boss!!!"

And here's me so happy to be around so many great people!

Those lovelies sure did energize me!

Check out that rose gold watch on my wrist above! Ou lala that's the Moto 360 I'm going to tell you about it second!

Modeling and styling was a huge highlight for me but what blew my mind was the sharpness of the Moto X Pure Edition camera! Here's photographer Justin Campbell using it to take photos!

And here's a few of the photos shot with the camera:
I was really tempted to edit them before posting but I wanted you to see even unedited these are really great pics!

(I think it's clear I belong on the opposite end of the camera! I spared you the outtakes! ha)

I can't forget to mention that I had the opportunity to shoot an engagement session while in NYC! It was incredible. Prior to my departure, I was unsure whether or not I was going to be shooting portraits so I only brought my 50mm with my dslr. The Moto X Pure Edition saved me! Here's one of my favorites I shot with the Moto X Pure Edition. I admit I did feel silly shooting part of the gig with a smartphone but you know what? We're living in a pretty amazing decade when it comes to technology. Embrace it.

The Moto 360… oh my goodness guys I'm dying over here. I don't even wear a watch because I'm so minimalist when it comes to jewelry. Let me be honest and say I don't wear earrings at all or rarely bracelets! But the Moto 360 is changing my mind. It's the very first fully customizable smart watch! Take that, competitors! 

Here I am putting it on one of our lovelies.

Check out the vast array of designs! Any band you can think of: sporty, classic, chic. So many great band options and faces! The thing that got me is I don't even have to take my phone on runs with me anymore! 

I'm completing this blogpost with a photo of my assistant/friend Ali and I... and we look like 2 children in the candy store! haha With all of those devices at our fingertips, candy store indeed! x

A huge thank you to Ali, who made sure I was where I needed to be all of the time, told me to chill the freak out, pretty much kept me on target and made last minute trips to buy accessories, kept me fed so I didn't bite her hand off, kept me from buying something from every bookstore in Brooklyn, etc etc etc You're a dream!

And of course thank you to the Motorola and Weber Shandwick team for putting up with us! I had to sneak in one last photo of the great group of gals I've been working with the last few weeks! Thank you!! I hope I have the privilege of working with you all again soon! The pleasure is mine! x

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