Thursday, November 19

Everybody Needs a Break

Watching this almost 5 years ago changed my life, literally.
What I appreciate most about Stefan is he doesn't just flaunt this whole sabbatical thing in everyone's face like "look what I can do since I work for myself!" He provides us practical approaches to making it happen.

It was inspiration from Stefan that I decided I could work my schedule into taking maybe not an entire year off, but at the very least a few weeks, or a month. That first August of 2012 that I decided to shut off work, Johnny and I also decided to take a trip for our 5-yr wedding anniversary and after a 3 yr struggle, I became pregnant with Emiliana. (You don't think stress has anything to do with infertility? :) Well, that combined with a changed diet and weekly yoga!

This is just the tip of the iceberg on how sabbaticals have impacted our lives here in the Kiene household. The more time we have under our belt the more we realize sabbaticals aren't even necessary to GO somewhere, rather it's truly a mindset.

Everything in life needs a good rest.
Maybe that's logging out of facebook for a few days.
We must begin somewhere. We must slim down our intake to remember what matters most.

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