Wednesday, December 30

Milk + Holiday Give Together

As our partnership with The Great American Milk Drive winds down, I’ve learned quite a bit about the beverage my husband drinks over a gallon of per week!

1. Milk is one of the most requested yet least donated item at Feeding America Food banks.
2. Contrary to popular belief, milk, dairy products and perishable items can be donated to local food banks and in fact local grocers (the largest giver being HEB here in Texas!) do give everything from organic potatoes to whole wheat bread to the food banks!
3. Over 75% of the dairy farms in this great state of Texas are still family owned and operated!

One of my favorite quotes this year is "A rising tide raises all ships." Growing up, my dad always found creative ways for us to give back to our community, so it only seemed fitting-- this holiday season we've partnered with The Great American Milk Drive and met with Felicia & Patia who work for a local Feeding America food pantry to hear their story! 

Both had influential parents as well that encouraged them to look beyond their own lives and to give back to their local community!

As part of our partnership last week we had the opportunity to dig a little deeper into Milk's story. We spent a morning with Gary and Brian, two brothers that own a local dairy farm which has been in their family since 1957! Since we learned that kids across the country have limited access to milk in food banks, we wanted to understand more about dairy farms-- from farm to table! It's incredible to see the care Gary and Brian put into their farm in treating their cows like their babies! It’s no wonder milk is so nutritious. We even got to watch a day-old calf nurse! So sweet!

There’s only a few days remaining. Join the Holiday Give Together, { } even a $5 donation to my Milk Drive page, gives one gallon of milk to a hungry child in your community! 

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