Tuesday, December 8

she's changing the chemistry in her brain

She’s changing the chemistry in her brain
By a pill to pop - but she’s killing all that remains
Hold a little tighter love and none of it will last
you’re killing every last life, by the tightness of your grasp
We need empty roads, love notes and a mirror
(Pretty much every person we’ve ever held dear)
Why wait here? Why stop now?
Because she can’t keep on another day, another second, another hour
The sun’s hot glow burns her arm through the pane
--I can’t possibly write as fast as this slow brain
Perspective. Everyone’s hurting. Every heart’s beating.
She might hate you this second but her hurt's always fleeting
There is no stress - as easy breezy as a summers day
At least she’s trying to be, breathing deep, playing melodies andante
Sugar’s flowing out of your ears, coke spewing from your mouth
Taste the laughter in your tears, You’re speechless- she’s still in doubt
She’s convinced she’s crooked, borderline insane
So she’s changing the chemistry in her brain

She’s breathing a little deeper now, she’s nourishing the good
She’s feeling a little lighter now, believing she’s just misunderstood
She’s walking through the hurt, stretching through the pain

You’re doing it Peter, you’re flyin right over this refrain

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