Sunday, February 28

Filming Under a Wolf Moon | Behind the Scenes in Houston, TX

A few short weeks ago I had the privilege of shooting some behind-the-scenes footage on the set of a short series. Unfortunately in filmings after this one, one of the cast members got injured so the film is on hold indefinitely, but this was the first set. Although I never knew how much hard-freakin work it is (I'm talking manual labor of hauling everything, moving lights, and for the models, etc!) it's so much fun! Lots of great energy, great creativity on set. Wow I never knew the work involved and to think, as Randy put it, this is like the first 1/16th of the entire process! It really put watching a great movie into perspective!

A dear friend of a friend said "I became a teacher to change the world but realized the best way to reach anyone was through... storytelling. Thus I became a screenwriter." I couldn't agree more. I'm so honored to have been on set. EVERYONE was fabulous, kind and just great energy! Thanks Crosshairs Crew!

(PS: If you need any #bts coverage for any upcoming SXSW event, give me a call! If it gets me on set free, rumor has it I might be willing to shoot some footage for you, for a cookie or two. :) Yay for #bts!

Robert Jaurgui - Executive Producer/Script Supervisor
Randy Valdres - Director of Photography
Cara Cochran - Director
Chad Thackston - Ist AD/ Boom Operator
Carli Kiene - me! Behind-the-Scenes 

Cast, this set
Lydia Martinez
Sandra Wilson
Chris Baines

I don't think anyone planned it, but it was the January wolf moon that night! Cray-zy!

Cara working her magic on lovely Lydia!

Randy working his magic!

From left to right above: me, Chad, Cara, Randy, Robert

One minor detail I left out: we shot from 5pm at night until 3am the following morning! Yee-haw! That's what I call fun fun fun! Thanks guys for letting me peek my head into your fabulous world! 

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