Monday, April 11

Anjali's Wildflower Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Meet the lovely Anjali. This girl represents so much life to me. She's got a baby boy due May 25, only a few weeks after my own daughter's birth, and she is a beautiful spirit. I couldn't get over how no matter what I asked her to do she got this gigantic smile on her face and almost yelled over the wind "O-KAY!"
"Go lay down in the bee infested wildflower field for 20 minutes!" 
"Spin like Julie Andrews! Arms wide!" 
"Stand in this knee deep snake infested itchy field and flip your hair!"

She reminded me so much of my younger sisters. I could hang out with this girl for a long time and never tire of her boundless life-giving energy.

Thank you lovely Anjali for making me a part of your beautiful story. I'm so grateful I got to hang out with you and yours and that the Universe aligned our paths. (Thank you Carly Blair for sharing this beautiful soul with me!) I am all the more inspired because of it! I can't wait to see that baby boy one of these days! I know he's going to have his mother's charm and spirit! 

much love, c

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