Friday, August 5

2016.08.05 The Words Are Mine

These words aren't mine, but the thoughts are. I pulled the majority of them off Kate's Pinterest. :) 
Maybe they will inspire you as much as they do me?

TGIF you mofos.

These words are mine: 
OH MY GOSH has it been a trip getting off social media the last day and a half. It's not that I deleted the Instagram app entirely off my phone. OK. Maybe I deleted it and then added it and then deleted it and then added it because I can be neurotic like that sometimes. But the kruxt of all of this madness is that I can not and could not see the forest through the trees. So I have to retreat. It's this whole "non attachment" philosophy. Whenever I think I am beginning to NEED something, i.e.  rely on it to a point of thinking I can't live without, then it's time to take a step back. I am a firehose. One thing about me is I do not know how to do anything half-way. The older I get, the more i see this and it's hard. Dang is it hard. I peek back in the social circle. I'm finding other ways to communicate. I'm seeing smiling faces, trying to find what is me. Maybe I'll never know me and I have to be OK with the fact that who I am, who we are is always a moving target. Maybe I'll never hit dead center and that's not perhaps life's aim. Maybe the target isn't ME, maybe it's that I won't ever hit any target that ISN'T me. Dead center.
For now, defining what is me by what isn't.
 I'll be swimming, bathing, playing, slurping, slowly drinking in my ink. Inkedfingers. ink. 
damn straight.

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