Monday, August 8

2016.08.08 Risk vs Reward

That's what we have to ask ourselves, over and over.

The longer I am removed from social media (ie: twitter, instagram, facebook) the more I don't miss it. I don't miss it, because I'm currently in retreat mode. I know this. I've still got one hand over my face metaphorically trying to block the punches to keep walking. I'm old enough to know that if the Universe walked me into this cave then surely it will lead me out. I'm just taking it one day at a time. I'm respecting this place, this space of void. I needed it. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm walking towards it.

Yesterday I had a too brief conversation with a Lovely I have an upcoming campaign with and this topic came up, and our apologizing for being a certain way. The conversation immediately became a mirror for I've lived my whole life apologizing, stepping lightly. I could sense that about her too and so the pep talk I've been giving myself the last few days seemed to flow out of me like a river to her. "You belong here" is the message, you belong on this earth, in this space, breathing this air.

Unapologetically you. That's the word on the street. That's what I'm tattooing on my heart.

This doesn't give us permission to walk all over others because "that's me" and "I'm angry". It's honoring the space inside of you, even if you don't understand it or it's contrary to everyone else, to what you perceive other people want of you. It's different for every single one of us.
Don't run away, Lovely.
Sit in stillness. Meet yourself in this space.
Today, honor the spaces within you by acknowledging them. We do not define ourselves by them, but they are screaming for our attention and will not go away until we can say "I see you." I see you hurt. I see you bitterness. I see you feeling of unworthiness.

In the simple words of Emiliana, "Listen to your heart... you will understand." Maybe it won't be this moment, this day to understand why we feel that way or how to conquer it, but the longer we give ourselves permission to be, to breathe in who we were created to be, then we only have up to go.

We belong here.

I dedicate this post to lovely Lily.
Thanks for letting me be a part of your story. Can't wait for the extended shoot with all the MotoBabes this fall! I can feel it in me bones... it's going to be epic.

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These are dope Carlie!