Friday, August 12

2016.08.10 Kinfolk 101

A breath of fresh air.
That's what these girls are to me.

She is most notably recognized as the face and heart behind The Archibald Project 
which if you have no idea what I'm talking about go now, here:
I feel like I meet with Whitney every 4-6 months and every time just gets
more intense, more timely, more wisdom shared and greater paths aligned.
She didn't know I gave up social media or began blogging recently (who does haha)
 and almost immediately when she sat down began a conversation that mirrored the blog post I wrote 2 days ago, mostly about permission, about authenticity in our online presence/voice.

Also earlier that morning I happened upon a couple of photos of lions/lionesses and Whitney
proceeds to share with me about her recently discovered spirit animal, you guessed it, the LION! 
Of course I freak out and read her what the posts say and everything, I do mean 
everything just kept lining up like that. Unreal. The door swung both ways. 
Verses and quotes on her heart were exactly what I needed to hear and that 
whole time there was this breeze blowing through the patio that, as she so
perfectly stated just reflected our conversation: a breath of fresh air.

So when I first saw her beautiful self,I was immediately drawn to her necklaces and said something 
like "OK you know you're going to have to tell me the story behind those, right?!"
And story there was indeed! 
It was so near and dear to her heart next time you meet her, you'll have to ask her for yourself.

PS: Whitney, you KNOW I'm waiting on your Friday news too! You better email me! haha x

Oh Kate darling.

If you only knew the number of times you've saved me, saved me from myself.
You're patient and kind and somehow you understand every little quirk.

we're done here Carli."

Last but most certainly not least,
[ owner of Charm School Vintage ]

Ohhhhhh Shari. Every 
I am at a point in my life I need some good vibes
this girl, like a genie in a bottle just SHOWS UP in my life!
There she was, sitting in the coffee shop I walk into. Holy smokes.
Of course it's Shari, because of course I need your freaking positive 
healing energy to just make everything better. 

Everything that has happened recently in my life
has left me cracked open, a raw heart and somehow 
these Lovelies met me there, in that vulnerable space and 
just water-falled love and grace on this spirit. 

I am so grateful for each of you!
I can't say that enough.

Thank you for allowing me to point the camera 
on your incredible soul.
Thank you for taking time out of your day to breathe life back into me
to create and dream big and philosophize!

You gals are as legit as they come.


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