Monday, August 15

2016.08.15 Inked Fingers & Ink

Monday is typically my nose to the grindstone day as Emiliana is in school. Last night, however the poor girl didn't sleep because of a cough/runny nose so I decided to keep her home to not infect the other kids. That means play time, even if half the time she's lying on the floor. :)

She currently is obsessed with the d700. It's funny. She sees it sitting around and thinks she just has free reign to grab it, stack up the cd boxes (my backups) as a tripod makeshift thing and then tells me what to do! haha You know how much I HATE being in front of the camera but I'm trying to be better, be it even for her sake. Here are a few of my favorites she took.

I'm working on a top secret project which involves some of Anthropologie's gift wrap I had in my flat files from years past and of course if I'm drawing I can't NOT let Emilia join in. Can you tell which ones she did? :)

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