Wednesday, August 17

2016.08.17 Mirrored Murals + Paddleboard Painting

"What if I fall?" the ink reads on one side discreetly tucked beneath his hat.
And on the other: "But what if I fly?"

I was in Long Beach, California on a gig sponsored by the LBCVB
The Long Beach Center of Visitors Bureau to capture and tell the stories of the city and the artists/makers of POW WOW Long Beach. That deserves a blog post all on its own.

Meet the painter Sean Yoro and his lovely, Melissa. They were flown in from NYC.

I couldn't wrap my brain around during the interview of Sean, when we all were bobbing up and down on the water, him describing the process of how long it would take to just do one brushstroke on the concrete pillar, waiting for the platform to bob back down again, I didn't understand why no one was asking about his tattoos. Why wasn't anyone more interested about his reason for even being here, now. His ink was fresh ink. I was asking about what was on his neck but over the crowd he couldn't hear and began in an explanation about his hands, the ink scratched into this fingers. He was ignorant of me and I was amused he was talking to InkedFingers.
"Holo holo is what's on my hands, a Hawaiian term you say when you go off fishing.
But it's like you do it so often, you're adventuring... 
You don't really tell anyone exactly what you're doing.
You don't describe it. You just go off and do it."

That's what Sean did. If my memory serves me correctly he quietly, without fanfare moved to NY and began, ever so valiantly, what he felt HIS work was. Not the work anyone demanded of him. Not the work he thought others wanted to see him create, but his voice and he told very few.
That's so contradictory to today's society or the one I grew up in. 
That's so unAmerican of you, Sean.

When the time was right, when his work was where he wanted, then he created this Hula brand
Even since these photographs I shot of him in Long Beach, a mere month ago, Sean has done work for Instagram painting on icebergs (you heard me right!) and continues to travel around the world making his art.
It's unreal. It's what I believe is man fully alive.

Here you can see him telling us more about his painting process. 

I asked how they met. Melissa said she was the curator for one of his shows. 
So so sweet. To me it felt like a quiet steady kind of love.

Thank you two for allowing me into your energy, for trusting me with who you are.
You are so so beautiful. 
Perhaps the stars will align when I'm in Brooklyn in the fall.

Cheers to your adventures ahead. 

Above image pulled from his Facebook of the mostly completed art in Long Beach.
See Sean perched three tiers up??

Sean's Website: By Hula

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