Thursday, August 25

2016.08.24 The Mighty Oaks of Stagecoach

In between hours of editing and staring at a screen are the all-too-brief shoots. Here's one of my current favorites of Jake, Amber and baby boy Grayson. Oh my.

Look at this beautiful family and those oak trees!
We photographed at Stagecoach Park down in Buda.
The serendipity does not escape me at how much I frequent this park
and it was one of the original mail stops, when mail came by horse!
The light in the morning through the trees is otherworldly!

Love their sweet sweet dynamic.

I really enjoy taking behind-the-scenes pics.
They're usually some of my favorites...

Those baby linen pants... 

Then we returned back to the house for a few pics with the pooches and this... 

Happy Birthday Grayson! You're quite the charmer! 

Saved my favorite for last.

Thanks you 3 for being so chill and goin' with the flow! Can't wait to show you all of them!  xx

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