Thursday, August 4

2016.08.04 Looking Up

Hello.   I've missed you. I forgot about you here.  4 months it's been.   I needed to feel this space. I need to breathe in what is me. I need white walls, spaces, voids to create worlds in, to speak words in, breath life in.  I reinvent myself.  I reinvent us, this.   How can I be InkedFingers and Carli? Who are we? You and I?  I jumped. I opened up the window and I freefall.

Listening: This is on me by Ben Abraham 
Dreaming: Of iced green tea, a perfect cortado and a glazed donut

My view today, above, and past skies, below. I didn't realize how much I look up.
Maybe it's because I don't live by the ocean and they share the same shades.

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