Saturday, September 24

Peached Tortilla Open House | Austin, Texas

a newly opened venue owned and operated by The Peached Tortilla  

This is a sneak peek from the Open House!

Florals | GyspyFloral
Calligraphy + Print Design | Emma Gundlach
Furniture Rental | Loot Vintage Rental
DJ + Sound | Infinity Sound Lab

Long ago, in a place not so far away, Eric Silverstein quit his job as a lawyer and began slinging food in food trucks here in ATX. He hired 2 lovely women named Hope and Tess to take the brand to the next level and under their genius had countless pop-up dinners, creating a community around great food and good people. That's where I first came into the picture, when Sunni and Emily from Gypsy Floral recommended me as photographer for one of the events. They opened up a brick and mortar in North Austin growing so fast it was difficult to keep adequately staffed to their needs. This is their most recent undertaking! 

What a pleasure to hang out and get to know the venue manager, Lora, a little more and her radiant positivity and get-it-done attitude! Beautiful space guys. I'm really looking forward to seeing what incredible events are hosted here.

THANK YOU for making me a part of your growth from day one! So delightful! 



I would be remiss to not mention Beth behind the deliciousness, Beto at the restaurant, Kevin the mastermind behind the architecture and every one of you hard-freaking working souls that have built the Peached with the sweat of your own brow. I'm sorry I can't type every single one of your names because truly a business is only as good as it's people and Peached -- you have some damn fine people!

So grateful to know you guys and watch you grow! xx

Cheers to only up to go!

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