Monday, October 17

Abe and Sarah | A Rooftop Engagement

the planning

the big day

All great stories have humble beginnings and I can't decide if I begin when Sarah and Abe met -- at camp so so many years ago, or maybe instead the first time I ever saw Sarah -- in a picture on my Instagram feed with her arms around Abe's neck with a gigantic grin, or perhaps the second time I actually ever met Sarah, all dolled up for our shoot together with Willie Nelson's tour bus some 3 years ago. Each has a special place in my heart but here, I know. This is how it begins, for me.. .

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, I decided to take on a larger than life project. Inspired by Annie Leibovitz's shoots for Vogue with 8+ models I decided it was time to do something on that large of a scale myself. No one can hire you for something you've never done so it was time to put some big images in my portfolio. No one would get paid for that personal project of mine. No money exchanged hands in fact every single person on set had to bust their butt. It was terrifying. I was playing art director and photographer (Johnny came on set half way through the shoot with Emiliana and amped up the posing.) I worked with some really really fabulous leaders of the industry that day and learned way more than even I thought I would. It's always about the people for me, though, the people more than anything else.

I posted a model call on Instagram for real couples in love a few weeks before the shoot and Sarah submitted a photo of her and Abe. I was instantly drawn to her charisma. I didn't spend any significant time with her though until the day of the shoot and I can't forget the freaking gigantic hug that girl gave me! Her and Abe's love felt effortless and transcendent and Sarah was still in journalism school and I wanted them to be a part of every one of my shoots from that day forward.

Time passed. Sarah was my intern for a semester and our work together hardly felt like work. Abe put out a record. More time passed. Coffee dates with Sarah. Impromptu photo shoots with the both of them on roof tops with cops that threatened arrest. (ha ha ha) More coffee and then a hiccup. But the one conversation that sticks out in my mind is just how resolute Sarah was that Abe was THE ONE. No matter what the circumstances were she had this pulse running through her veins that everything was timing, whether they were together romantically or not. Sarah is one of those ones that chases light. She sees the good in everything.
 Oh these two have wisdom far far beyond their years. 

More time. Quietude as I hadn't heard anything from either of them for several months. So then I started crying, because in my inbox was a short and sweet email from Abe. He was going to propose to Sarah and would I be OK with photographing the surprise photoshoot... on a rooftop?

I couldn't make up a love story better because these two are as real and humble and loving as human beings come. What a privilege to watch their love unfold and even more so to document it.

Abe was cool as a cucumber the week before when, with Emiliana in tow, we scouted out the location prior. I couldn't actually believe how chill he was about everything and Miss Hyper-Intuitive Sarah had no clue! I would say "way to go, Abe, for being such a great liar!" but, well.

This ^^^ has got to be one of my favorites of the night. After Sarah said yes neither of them spared any effort in telling everyone (literally!) who would listen that they just got engaged! We walked downtown a brief bit so they could do a shot and I swear Abe's feet hardly touched the ground the rest of the night.

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Deb Andy said...

Gosh, these photos are so surreal. You captured the love between two sweethearts~
Well done!