Thursday, October 27

The People and the Quirks of the Box House | Brooklyn Boutique Hotel

Allow me to introduce you to: 
The Box House Hotel  in Brooklyn NYC

What an artist's paradise! It was the perfect marriage of mid-century and vintage coupled with all the quirkiness of a Wes Anderson film. I was ouuu-ing and ahhhh-ing over the details from the letterpress tray custom coffee tables (each room had a different theme!) to the antiques complimenting the theme: cameras and toy soldiers to radios and cars. It's overflowing with visual stimulation and most assuredly this photographer's paradise :)

Allow me to brag on the staff for a moment... it was my two sisters and I staying there and no matter how many times I had to come to the front desk they were always accommodating, friendly and going above and beyond! The kitchen in the rooms, the laundry facilities, it felt like a (fancy!) home away from home. Thank you... :)

Last but certainly not least, although I failed to take a photograph of our driver while we were there, Mohammed, he was otherwordly in the number of times we had to be shuffled from one place to the next and just an over all pleasant soul. 

We had a fabulous visit at the Box! Thank you, Beatrice, for your kindness in facilitating the details! Appreciate you working with our last minute schedule.
The pleasure was ours! xo

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